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Why is handwriting still a critical foundation skill in the elementary education curriculum?

The Handwriting Wars

A de-emphasis on handwriting instruction has led educators to embark on a conflict known as the "handwriting wars."

As schools abandon handwriting instruction for keyboarding and state assessment preparation, educators need to participate in grassroots efforts to ensure that handwriting instruction has its rightful place in the elementary curriculum.

Many obstacles threaten to create another generation of students lacking in this critical foundation skill. In this ebook, Dr. Muzevich:

  • Explains why handwriting is imperative to literacy development.

  • Provides detailed research that supports the teaching of handwriting.

  • Offers suggestions to return handwriting to its rightful place in the curriculum.

Download Dr. Muzevich's ebook and see why educators should put an end to the current "handwriting wars" and return this critical developmental skill to the elementary education curriculum!

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